YES WAFFLE - A new comic we all made together.


This last Saturday was a heck of a day.

Once again, on 24 hour comic day, I planted myself in front of my drawing tablet and didn't quit until I had written and drawn a full length comic. I'd done this once before, but this one was differet. This time the story wasn't my own. Twenty seven different prompts had been submitted by my Patreon backers, and my job was to include as many of them as possible in a 20 page comic that I wrote in an hour and a half.

It's a crazy project. That's why we called it a Chaos Book.

Thank you so much for all your support in reaching this stretch goal and for your submissions. Reading them for the first time, knowing I was going to have to come up with a story biased on them in under an hour, was exciting! I made a video of it.

This has been a thrilling experience. I'm proud of the results and I'm excited you were willing to do this with me.

Hooray for our crazy comic! Hooray for comics!

A small update.

(I posted this on my Patreon last week.) 

Panels from the comic I'm working on. Tyler Crook has it right.

Panels from the comic I'm working on. Tyler Crook has it right.

I’ve been spending the day blasting St. Vincent’s Mix Tape Delivery Service and drawing trees.

It’s been a while since I posted so I thought I’d share what I’m up to, and it’s that; listening to St. Vincent’s Mix Tape Delivery Service and drawing trees.

I’m drawing trees because the “short script” that I’d been writing as my next comic has ballooned into a 180 page graphic novel. Writing that monster has taken months and I was feeling guilty for not posting new comics. So I forced myself to write an honest-to-goodness short story and turned out a nine page script. I finished drawing the first page yesterday, and started on the second page today. (that's what the panels above are from)

It takes place in a forest. So trees.

Chilly, gray, Portland arrived a week ago, which means flannel comes out and a heater and a cat show up at my feet under the drawing table.

For some reason, whenever I’m not drawing comics, I convince myself that I don’t enjoy drawing, but when I get to it, it feels good.

A couple weeks past the one year anniversary of the exercise in overwhelming myself that was my Kickstarter I’m finally back at the drawing board for a bit. Good stuff.

Stay tuned.